PINUSBRAS is a 3rd generation family-owned Sawmill that has its own forest. With over 2,500 hectares in reforested area, the company owns over 3 million Pine trees.


When it comes to green and sustainable forestry PINUSBRAS knows its business and guarantees the health of its tree stock by using techniques designed to replenish the forest instead of taking all of its resources.

The company has its own Pine nursery with ideal conditions to produce over 50,000 seedlings per month.

PINUSBRAS was a pioneer exporting Brazilian lumber since 1970. With clients all over the world: USA, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, China, Israel, among many others. When environmentally-minded customers need to find quality lumber, PINUSBRAS immediately comes to mind.


At PINUSBRAS, sustainability is our tradition – contact our team to get a quote on your next wood order.